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Now plan your gold jewellery purchase at current gold price and make payment in equated monthly installments at 0% interest !

Yes, we make  this possible by providing you with an option to complete the payment of a particular product in five equated monthly installments. So, if you want to purchase gold jewellery products of price Rs.150000/- on 1st of January then your layaway installment plan will be as detailed below

1st of JAN Rs.30000/-
1st of FEB Rs.30000/-
1st of MAR Rs.30000/-
1st of APR Rs.30000/-
1st of MAY Rs.30000/-
Total Amount Rs.150000/-

On receipt of your 5th and last installment payment the product will be shipped from India.

So now we make it easy for you to purchase with us in this installment gold jewellery purchase plan , where in you pay just 20% of the product price in each installment in a total of 5 installments within a maximum period of 4 months.

Note : The minimum total purchase value of gold jewellery in a layaway should be above Rs.150000/-

Terms and Conditions of Layaway

1. The gold price is fixed and hence the product price as mutually agreed by us on receipt of your 1st installment under layaway scheme, and will not decrease or increase due to fluctuation in gold prices / gemstone prices 
2. Since the products are handcrafted, there is possibility of weight difference of upto +/- 2.50 grams , under such circumstances the difference will be charged or refunded to you on the 5th and last installment.
3. Orders placed under layaway scheme cannot be cancelled or changed , in case, still you want to cancel/change order in between the payment schedule, you will be charged 20% of the final product prices towards cancellation - ( Cancellation Fee ) and the rest difference amount will be refunded to you.
4. In event of delay in transacting the payment on the scheduled dates, it would be considered as cancellation and hence the cancellation fee will be charged and rest difference amount will be refunded. A delay of maximum 3 days is considerable owing to government holidays / time difference between India and USA. 
5. The product will be delivered within 12 working days on the receipt of last installment which will complete your payment transaction.
6. If you plan to pay in advance in your layaway scheme and complete it before the scheduled completion date, kindly let us know 4 weeks in advance so we will make sure that the product is ready to ship on receipt of your last installment.
7. In layaway scheme, payments will be accepted only by direct NEFT from your NRE rupee checking account or by wire transfer from your US $ account in USD only. The bank wire transaction charges , if any , has to be borne by the payee. Online payments will not be acceped for layaway.

For more further information on our gold jewellery installment purchase scheme - layaway plan, mail us on [email protected]