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We ship to INDIA and USA.
Terms, conditions and process to avail USD Bank wire transfer discount

1. The Payee Name in the Bank account should be exactly same as the Receiver Name on the US shipping address, word by word.

2. The Payee shipping address proof should be exactly same as the address in the Bank account of the payee customer, word by word.

3. We require a clear and colour PHOTO ID shipping address proof of the payee either US Driving License or US Passport which is exactly same as updated in Bank records.

4. This discount displayed on wire transfer amount is not available if the customer decides to take delivery in India / or to a different delivery address in US.

5. The payment sending wire transaction charges will be borne by the payee customer.

6. We request the customer to pay us a excess reserve amount of 7% of the product price, in-case, the final price may increase due to increase in gold or diamond weight to avoid multiple wire transaction charges to the customer. The decision to transfer the reserve amount is with the customer.

7. Any excess amount with us once the products are ready, will be wired back to the same payee bank account in US $. The excess amount refund payment charges will be borne by us , if any

Since all the products are freshly handcrafted on order, the weight of the final products may vary by upto +/- 2.90 grams in gold, upto +/- 3.00 carats in gemstones/pearls/color stones, upto +/- 0.20 carats in diamonds and upto +/- 0.35 carats in uncut diamonds per product. This difference will be charged / refunded to the customer as per booking price accordingly.

9. In case of cancellation of order after payment, Order Cancellation charges of 20% of the transacted amount is applicable if any order is cancelled after 24 hours from the time of payment.

10. We do not accept payments/transactions from Xoom / Western Union . Kindly wire transfer only from your US Bank account only.
11. Wire transfer discounts are not available for solitaire diamond purchase of 0.30 carat and above.

Our Online transactions on KothariJewelry are failing ?

If transaction failure occurs : Kindly follow the below procedure

Step 1: Kindly enable "Verified by Visa" / "Mastercard Secure code" on your US Visa / US Master cards respectively
"Verified by Visa" / "Mastercard Secure code"  is required to be enabled for high value international card purchases to avoid misuse of your card without your knowledge.
To enable "Verified by VISA" 3D-Secure code on your US Card
US Visa Care number - 
+1-800-847-2911 / Write a mail to - [email protected]
Step 2: Since you are trying to make a international online purchase from a foreign company out of your geographical area , so your bank will automatically decline/block your transaction for your safety on initial 2-3 transactions. To avoid this, call your card issuer bank and inform them of the international purchase so it will not auto-block the transactions.

Documents required to complete international transactions :-
1. Colour photo of Photo ID proof of the person making the payment is required.
2. Colour photo of shipping address proof of the person receiving the product is required.

What is Foreign transaction fee(FTF) or Currency conversion charge ?
Foreign Transaction Fee, is a fee which is charged to your US credit/debit card . The usual FTF charges vary between 0% to 5% of the transaction value depending on what type/category of credit card you have issued by your bank. FTF is not applicable on credit/debit cards issued in India. Kindly check with your card issuing bank for queries on Foreignt transaction fees, if applicable.
Our credit card is charged in Indian Rupee (INR), so how to calculate equivalent amount in US $/foreign currency for Visa Cards/ Master Cards ?