Gold Mangalsutra - Bridal Gold Mangalsutra with broad pendant, 22kt Long Bridal Gold Mangalsutra, 22kt Gold Palasaralu - Kanthi Maala
We ship to INDIA and USA.
Tali Chain Gold Mangalsutra  /  MS55765221-28
Bridal Long Plain Gold Mangalsutra  /  MS93928923-30
22K Chandramukhi Mangalya Gold Chain  /  MS34643467-30
22kt long bridal black beads chain  /  MS52114800
22kt Chain Mangalsutra Thali  /  MS29002839
Long chain gold mangalsutra - Light weight  /  MS29712971
22Kt Gold Thali Chain  /  CH33243364-24
Gold Long Chain Mangalsutra  /  MS35183374-26
22K Mugappu Kodi Chain  /  CH38730871
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