Gold Mangalsutra - 22kt ashta pahalu gold black beads chain, 22kt long bridal black beads chain, 22kt Maharashtrian Bridal long mangalsutra
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22kt ashta pahalu gold black beads chain  /  MS25602330-26
Maharashtrain Gold Mangalsutra Chain with Wati Mani  /  MS62505500-30
22kt Long Bridal Gold Mangalsutra  /  MS99899989-30
Spring Chain Gold Mangalsutra  /  MS27832783-30
3 leg Mangalyam Chain  /  CH25672567-24
South Indian Chain Gold Mangalsutra  /  MS32422968-28
22kt Maharashtrian Bridal long mangalsutra  /  MS42503900-26
Bridal Gold Mangalsutra with broad pendant  /  MS99799979-30
916 BIS Hallmarked Gold Mangalsutra  /  MS28702545-28
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