Gold Pendant Sets - Uncut diamond Krishna pendant, Peacock Lakhsmi uncut dia pendant, Lakshmi pendant with emerald and pearl drops
We ship to INDIA and USA.
Pacchi Lakshmi flat diamond pendant  /  DJPMJ0049
22kt Gold Peacock Pacchi Pendant  /  DJPMJ0034
22Kt Gold puligoru plastic pendant  /  PDPULSIN3396
22kt Pacchi Uncut diamond set  /  PD4219CH3169
22Kt Gold Single Nail pendant - Puligoru  /  PDPULSIN155
22kt Uncut Diamond Pacchi Pendant Set  /  PDNKPPST20
22kt Gold Pacchi Puligoru  /  DJPMJ0031
22kt Traditional Temple pendant  /  PD51355135
Peacock Lakhsmi uncut dia pendant  /  PDSRJ00008
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