Gold Pendant Sets - 22kt uncut diamond pearl pendant set, 22kt Peacock Pearl uncut diamond pendant set, 22kt Gold Peacocks Perched on a Ganesha Pendant
We ship to INDIA and USA.
22kt gold gajalskhmi pendant  /  PDSRJ00040
Gaja lakshmi broad pendant  /  PD22852285
22kt Gold Diamond Pendant  /  PDQW0023PK
22Kt Gold Bird Rakodi  /  PDJS34503450
22kt Puligoru Nail pendant in Rubies and Lakshmi  /  PDQ1092PLK
Goddess Kasu lakshmi Pendant  /  PD24452445
Broad Pacchi Diamond Pendant  /  ER08120812
Traditional Andhra Jhumki pendant set  /  RJAGA00028
Pacchi Chandbali Pendant  /  DJPMJW006
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