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Pacchi Diamond Mango Haram

Product Description :

Pacahi uncuts Diamond long Mango Haram

Please Note : The video is of matching necklace + earrings , but the price quote is as per the weight of necklace only ,earrings weight and price is not considered in the estimate quote.

  • Product Code : NKPNO28C40-112018
  • Product Name : Pacchi Diamond Mango Haram
  • Category : Gold Jewellery
  • Gold Purity : 22Kt 916 BIS Hallmark
  • Delivery in India between 12-Jan-2024 to 22-Jan-2024
  • Delivery to USA between 01-Feb-2024 to 16-Feb-2024
Traditional Peacock Design CZ Mango Haram  /  PCNO-3-1222
South Indian Bridal Uncut Diamonds Mango Haram  /  DN16946
South Indian Pachi Diamond Mango Haram  /  DN12922-0617
Traditional Pacchi Diamond Necklace  /  NKPNS8C440519
South Indian Ruby Emerald Mango Haram  /  DNN2001
Designer Mango Haram With Jhumki  /  BCN729PM
South Indian CZ Lakshmi Design Mango Haram  /  PCNO-117
Traditional Peacock Design Gold Mango Haram  /  PNO23C44-0719
Uncut diamond long mango haram  /  NKSRJ00027
Uncut Diamond Mango Haram with Chandbali  /  DJPMJ0044
22KT Gold Mango Haram  /  DJPMJW004
Long Bridal Mango Haram  /  NK61366136
Pacchi long Mango haram  /  DJPMJW001
Traditional Bridal Uncut Diamond Mango Haram  /  DN17144
22Kt Gold Traditional Mango Haram  /  NKMG274RRPD
CZ Peacock Design Mango Haram Set  /  NNN351
Traditional Plain Gold Lakshmi Kasu Mango Haram  /  DN15753
South Indian Pacchi Diamond Mango Haram  /  DN16093
South Indian Kundan Mango Mala  /  NK-DN16517
South Indian CZ Mango Haram Set  /  BCN686PM
South Indian Kundan Mango Mala  /  DNN1202
22 carat Mango Haram   /  NK33763222
Broad Long Mango Haram  /  PNS184C41-1017
South Indian CZ Gold Mango Haram Set  /  BCN486PM
Traditional Bottu Diamond Mango Haram  /  NK00611/PD00584
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