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Coral Pearl Gold Mangalsutra

Product Description :

A traditional karala pattern chain mangalsutra with alternating beads of moti ( pearl ) and coral ( moonga ) . Ths mangalsutra is made in single line of chain which is ideal for daily wear.Chain pattern mangalsutra is very common in south indian gold jewellery. The chain mangalsutra is BIS hallmarked for 22kt 916 purity.

22kt 916 BIS hallmark
Length26 inches
Delivery time
25 days

  • Product Code : MS22682100-26
  • Product Name : Coral Pearl Gold Mangalsutra
  • Category : Gold Jewellery
  • Gold Purity : 22Kt 916 BIS Hallmark
  • Gross Gold Weight : 22.680 grams
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