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Product Description :

A bridal wear peacock pattern gold pendant hooked to long coimbatore pattern gold chain mangalsutra. This delicately crafted peacock gold mangalsutra pendant consists of black beads attached at the bottom. The mangalsutra is 22k 916 BIS hallmarked.

Gold purity
22kt pure
Mangalsutra length
30 inches
Peacock gold pendant weight
14 grams
Peacock pendant height 50 mm
Delivery time
25 days

We take order for complete matching pendant earring set of peacock pattern pendant set along with the long gold mangalsutra. For more information on matching earring visit the below link

  • Product Code : MS42544100-30
  • Product Name : Bridal Wear Peacock Pattern Gold Mangalsutra
  • Category : Gold Jewellery
  • Gross Gold Weight : 42.540 gms
Best Buy Price : INR 140,193

USD Bank Wire transfer : US $ 2,122 US $ 2,058

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