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18kt Emerald Diamond Ring

Product Description :

A 18kt white gold diamond ring with emerald stone, the emerald is encircled in square pattern with diamonds each of size 2 cents supported with a designer twisted pattern of white gold rink. The shoulder of the white gold emerald diamond ring is kept plain to highlight the emerald.

Gold purity
18kt 750 BIS hallmarked
Diamond quality
Total diamond weight
0.39 carat
No. of diamond pieces
18 pieces of 2 cents each
IGI / GIA labs

The same ring can be designed in diamond ring with ruby / diamond ring with yellow sapphire, for more information mail us on

  • Product Code : RG09000040E0350
  • Product Name : 18kt Emerald Diamond Ring
  • Category : Diamond Jewelry
  • Gross Gold Weight : 9.000 grams

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